LAUNCH ON 03 JULY 2018 (12:01 PM MY TIME).

As a commitment to our DXN members, we are proud to introduce the e-World system that integrates the e-com, e-Point and Network System into one to ease your operation. You can access e-World system at

New prospects are welcomed and cordially invited to access the e-World system "New Register" Menu and join as a DXN member to enjoy all the benefits from DXN.

For e-Business users, you can use your e-Business login ID (Member Code) and password to log into e-World to perform the First Time Login process.

First Time Login activation is to synchronize all member access from various systems into one single account access and to capture the latest contact details from existing members.

Activation of the eWorld account involves a few simple steps :
1) Access and click "LOGIN"
2) Click on "First Time Login".
3) Enter your member code and click on the "Submit" button.
4) Enter your Date of Birth, Email and Mobile No.
6) Click on the "Request Code" button.
*You will receive an email containing your activation code.
7) Enter the activation code (e.g. 1234) into the "Activation Code" field.
8) Enter your new eWorld password.
9) You will be redirected to the LOGIN screen upon successful activation. You may access eWorld with your login id and password.

For better understanding, you may watch this user guide video : as it explains the activation steps.

For more information, kindly contact the DXN Singapore Branch.

Thank you.